When Indians attack and burn their frontier cabin, Rachel and Ralph are separated. Each, separately, must make a 25-mile journey through the wilderness to the nearest settlement, Fort Osage. Rachel has just given birth and Ralph was wounded in the battle.
      Rachel thinks Ralph was killed in the battle. She is determined to protect their infant from the elements and the beasts in the wilderness.
  Ralph doesn’t know Rachel has given birth. He discovers that she is being stalked by an Indian, but is unable to catch up with her so he can protect her.

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​      A Frontier Novella by L.L. Rigsbee 
Editor's Review 

"Savage Wilderness" is an action-packed frontier novella. Ralph and Rachel are separated when their cabin is attacked and burned by some Shawnee Indians. Each must make a harrowing journey to the nearest settlement. Before she begins her journey, Rachel becomes her own midwife in a hidden cave. Thinking her husband is dead, she starts out the next morning on her own. Exhaustion and pain are bad enough, but she has a phobia about the wilderness. 
Ralph, wounded during the battle, is having a difficult time catching up with her. As he follows her trail, he discovers that a mysterious Indian is stalking her.
A young couple is separated during an Indian attack on their frontier home. Each faces their individual terror on a 25 mile trek through the wilderness to Fort Osage.
Set in colonial America near Sibley, Missouri. 

When their frontier cabin is attacked and burned by Shawnee Indians, Ralph and Rachel are separated. Rachel gives birth alone in a cave while Ralph fends off the attackers in their cabin. Rachel, thinking Ralph has been killed, sets out on a 25-mile trek through the wilderness to the nearest settlement, Fort Osage (Now Sibley, Missouri). She has a phobia about the wilderness and the beasts that live in it - including the savage Indians. Fighting a battle of her own with fear, pain, hunger and exhaustion, Rachel repeatedly gets lost.
Ralph, wounded in the battle, is having a hard time catching up with Rachel. He is unaware that she has given birth to their son. He is concerned by the fact that she keeps getting lost, but when he discovers an Indian is stalking her, he is terrified for her.